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Finland gained independence from Russia on the 6th of December 1918. 1)


The main religion is Lutheranism. 2)


Finland's longest river is the Kemijoki, 341 mi 3)


The highest peak is Haltiatunturi, 4,357 feet above sea level. 4)

Donald Duck

Donald Duck comic books are among the most popular in Finland. You can buy them in almost literally every store. 5)

Santa's office

Santa's office is located in northern Finland, on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. 6)


In Finland, Santa Claus is also called Joulupukki. 7)


The cell phone company Nokia was founded in this country. 8)


The amount of fines is proportional to salary (traffic offenders with annual earnings of about €7 million got a fine of €116,000). 9)

Rounded prices

Prices are usually rounded to a maximum of 0.05 and although 2 cents are in circulation, they are not often used. 10)


There are as many as 3 000,000 saunas in Finland. 11)


In Finland, homework is set so that it can be completed in half an hour at most. 12)

Tove Jansson

The most popular Finnish woman is writer Tove Jansson, who created the story of the Moomins. 13)


Tampere is home to the Muumilaakso museum dedicated to the memory of the creator of the Moomins. 14)


As much as 74% of the country is covered by forests. It is one of the most forested countries in Europe. 15)

Silver birch

The national tree of Finland is the silver birch tree. 16)

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