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Exotic Sports

Sepak takraw

Sepak takraw, a sport from Southeast Asia, is a variation of volleyball played with a small woven ball that is kicked instead of hit with the hands. 1)

Caber tossing

In the sport of caber tossing, popular in Scotland, competitors attempt to throw a large tapered pole called a caber end-over-end. 2)

Rhowch y fred

The traditional Welsh sport of tug of war, known as “rhowch y fred” in Welsh, is a popular event at local fairs and festivals. 3)


In the sport of bo-taoshi, which originated in Japan, teams of players try to bring a tall pole to the ground while defending their own pole from the opposing team. 4)

Bull jumping

In bull jumping, an ancient Minoan sport from Crete, athletes would attempt to leap over a charging bull. 5)

Wife carrying

The Finnish sport of wife carrying, in which male competitors race while carrying a female partner, originated as a tribute to a legendary thief who is said to have carried his wife on his back to escape capture. 6)

Jai alai

The sport of Jai alai, a fast-paced ball game that is popular in the Basque Country of Spain and in parts of Latin America, is known for the speed at which the ball travels during play. 7)


The traditional Icelandic sport of glima, a form of wrestling, dates back to the Viking era. 8)


In the sport of kabaddi, which originated in India, two teams take turns sending a “raider” into the opposing team's half to tag as many players as possible before returning to their own half. 9)


The traditional Korean martial art of taekkyeon features fluid, circular movements and is characterized by its emphasis on footwork and low stances. 10)


The ancient Egyptian sport of senet was a popular game that involved moving game pieces along a board, with the goal of reaching the end of the board before one's opponent. 11)


The traditional Mongolian sport of wrestling, known as “bokh,” features a distinct style that emphasizes quick, explosive movements and upper-body strength. 12)

Marn Grook

The Indigenous Australian sport of Marn Grook is a traditional game that is thought to be the forerunner of Australian rules football. 13)


The ancient Mayan sport of pitz was a ball game played with a heavy rubber ball and goals at either end of a long narrow court, the losing team could be sacrifice. 14)

Pacu Jawi

The sport of Pacu Jawi is traditional in Sumatra, it is a traditional Indonesian game in which riders on horseback race across a field while trying to grab a wooden barrel with their teeth. 15)

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