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Ethnic Groups In South America

Indigenous languages

South America has a diverse range of indigenous ethnic groups, with over 500 different indigenous languages spoken throughout the continent. 1)


The largest indigenous ethnic group in South America is the Quechua, who primarily live in the Andes mountains and number around 8-10 million people. 2)


The Aymara people are another significant indigenous ethnic group in South America, living in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. 3)


The Guaraní people are indigenous to Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia and have a rich cultural heritage that includes music, dance, and storytelling. 4)


The Mapuche people are indigenous to Chile and Argentina and have a long history of resistance to colonialism and cultural preservation. 5)


The Inca civilization, which originated in what is now Peru, was one of the largest and most advanced civilizations in the Americas, with a rich cultural legacy that includes architecture, engineering, agriculture, and textile production. 6)

Afro-Latinx population

The Afro-Latinx population in South America has its roots in the transatlantic slave trade and is concentrated in countries like Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. 7)


The mestizo population in South America is a mix of indigenous and European ancestry and is a significant ethnic group in countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. 8)

Indigenous ethnic groups

The Amazon region of South America is home to a diverse range of indigenous ethnic groups, including the Yanomami, Kayapó, and Matsés. 9)


The Wayuu people, who live in Colombia and Venezuela, have a unique cultural heritage that includes weaving and the production of hammocks and bags. 10)


The Kogi people, who live in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia, have a deep spiritual connection to the natural world and are known for their ecological activism. 11)


The Chimú people were a pre-Columbian civilization that flourished on the northern coast of Peru before being conquered by the Inca Empire. 12)

European descent

In Argentina, over 85% of the population is of European descent, primarily from Italy and Spain. 13)

People of Chinese descent

In Peru, there is a significant population of people of Chinese descent, while in Brazil, there is a large Japanese community. 14)

Lebanese and Syrian community

In Brazil, there is a large Lebanese and Syrian community. 15)

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