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Elvis Presley

Elvis Was a Twin

Elvis was born at their two-room house in East Tupelo, Mississippi, just 35 minutes after his twin brother, Jesse Garon, was stillborn. 1)

Never Performed Outside North America

Despite becoming a global music superstar, Elvis never played live outside of North America, with all of his appearances in 1957 taking place in the United States and a handful in Canada. 2)

Rumors That Elvis’ Manager Was an Illegal Immigrant

There has been widespread conjecture that Elvis never played overseas because his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was an illegal immigrant who was afraid of being refused re-entry into the nation.3)

Presley Bought The Roosevelt Yacht

In 1964, Elvis paid $55,000 for the old presidential yacht The Potomac, which belonged to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 4)

First Big Stage Performance

In June 1956, he made his first big stage appearance on “The Milton Berle Show,” performing his trademark song “Hound Dog”. 5)

Distant Relative of Two Presidents

Elvis Presley is a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter, both past US presidents.6)


Following his divorce from Priscilla in 1972, Elvis became quite the ladies' man, bringing women to Graceland. 7)


The purchase price of Elvis' Graceland mansion in Memphis in 1957, at the start of his career, was merely $100,000. 8)

First Record

Elvis' debut record was a gift for his mother when he was just 18 years old. 9)

Hair Color

His jet black hair is really dyed, while his true hair color is a blond. 10)


Ginger Alden, Elvis's girlfriend at the time, discovered him dead on the toilet floor at Graceland. 11)

First Guitar Came From a Hardware Store

Despite his requests for a gun or a bicycle for his 11th birthday, his mother brought him to a hardware store in Tupelo to select his first guitar. 12)


A Florida judge who was dissatisfied with Elvis' famous hip motions and body shaking while he danced on stage gave him the name “Savage”. 13)


Elvis admitted to being harassed as a child, recalling incidents of classmates tossing rotten fruit at him or cutting his guitar strings. 14)


When Elvis' mother Gladys became ill, he returned from the military to be at her side. 15)

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