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Elton John

Real Name

Reginald Kenneth Dwight is Elton John's actual name. On March 25, 1947, he was born. Elton John legally changed his name in 1972 because he no longer wanted to be associated with the moniker Reggie. 1)

Name Came From Two Members

Elton's name was inspired by two members of his 1960s soul band Bluesology. The new stage name was a mix of saxophonist Elton Dean's and vocalist Long John Baldry's names. 2)

Elton’s Middle Name is Hercules

Elton also dropped his given middle name of Kenneth in favor of Hercules. He explained that he named himself after a character in a popular British sitcom. 3)


Elton created Bluesology while he was just 15 years old. During their European tour, the band opened for performers such as Patti LaBelle and the Isley Brothers. 4)

Elton Names His Pianos

It's no wonder that Elton likes his pianos, as they're his signature musical instrument. He names the majority of these ladies after great female artists such as Aretha Franklin and Diana Krall. 5)

Book Elton for a Private Event

You may hire Elton for a private event if you have enough money. He has charged more than $1 million for the opportunity to play at your event. 6)

Watford Football Club

Watford Football Club named a set of bleachers after Elton in 2014. Elton was previously president and chairman of the club as a passionate admirer.7)

Shared the Last Stage with Lennon

During a 1974 concert at Madison Square Garden, Elton persuaded John Lennon to join him on stage. Lennon and Elton played three songs together, and it was his final public performance. 8)

Performed in the Soviet Union

Despite tense ties between the Soviet Union and the rest of the world, Elton performed eight concerts in Leningrad and Moscow in May 1979. He'd round out the concerts with “Back in the USSR”. 9)

Glasses Were Originally a Prop

Elton is famous for his outrageous spectacles, but he didn't even require them for corrected vision when he first started wearing them. The glasses were simply a prop, but they became an integral element of his legendary theatrical appearance. 10)

Met Taupin Through an Ad

Bernie Taupin and Elton have a fantastic working connection as Elton's long-time songwriting collaborator. They met after Elton responded to an ad published by a Liberty Records representative seeking for composers. 11)

Problems with Drugs

Elton has been open about his struggle with drug addiction. In 1975, he was hospitalized after overdosing on cocaine. Elton has been able to overcome his drug addiction since his wild days. 12)

Mentor to Eminem

Elton has become a mentor to others who are suffering with similar difficulties. Eminem stated that he had sought counsel from Elton while battling his own drug problems. Elton John has even written songs with rap superstar Eminem. 13)

Alice In Chains

Elton has played with the grunge rock band Alice in Chains, featuring on the song “Black Gives Way To Blue” in addition to rap and hip hop. The song pays homage to the band's late lead vocalist, Layne Staley. 14)

South Park Star

Elton was a guest star in the animated comedy “South Park” once, demonstrating his sense of humour. In the season two episode “Chef Aid,” he played himself. 15)

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