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Top 10 Universities

The following are commonly regarded as the top ten colleges in the United States: Princeton University, Harvard University, Swarthmore College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The College of William & Mary, Williams College, Amherst College, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, and Yale University are the top ten universities in the country.1)

Differences In Colleges

While others argue that it makes little difference where a person attends college, graduates of the most selective institutions frequently earn more than graduates of less selective public universities. They are also more likely to be hired than community college graduates and receive more calls from potential employers than graduates of online universities.2)

Most Presidential Graduates

In the previous three decades, Harvard University has produced more presidential contenders than any other university.3)


Harvard University is often regarded as the country's oldest and most distinguished institution of higher learning. Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the most educated cities in the country.4)

Oldest American Universities

The University of Georgia, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and The College of William & Mary all claim to be the country's oldest public universities.5)

Oldest University

The University of Karueein, founded in A.D. 859 in Fez, Morocco, is the world's oldest continuously running school. It was founded as a mosque by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri. Nalanda University in India, founded in the fifth century A.D., is often regarded as the world's oldest university.6)

2nd Oldest University

Al-Azhar University in Egypt is the world's second oldest surviving school. The university, founded in A.D. 970-972, is a center for Arabic literature and Sunni Islamic scholarship.7)

Oldest European University

The Institution of Bologna in Italy, founded in 1088, is Europe's oldest university. The name “university” was coined at the time of its establishment. It is still regarded as a forerunner in European university systems. Among the notable alumni are Pope Innocent IX and Copernicus.8)

Skull And Bones

The Skull and Bones club at Yale is probably the most well-known secret society at any university. George W. Bush and John Kerry are two notable members. They both continue to keep the group's operations a secret to this day.9)


Oxford Institution is the world's oldest English-speaking university. But the exact date of its establishment is unknown, the formal date is commonly regarded as A.D. 1096, though teaching from the Oxford site predates this. Lewis Carroll, T.S. Eliot, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dr. Seuss, and Stephen Hawking are among the notable alumni.10)


Cambridge Institution is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. It was formed in 1209 by scholars who had left the University of Oxford because to a disagreement. John Milton, Jane Goodall, John Cleese, Sylvia Plath, Alan Turing, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Stephen Hawking are among the notable scholars.11)

Bowling Management

Bowling Management is a unique degree offered by the University of Indiana. This business degree program prepares students for entry-level positions in the bowling industry by providing lessons in sales, pinsetter mechanics, and pro shop operations.12)

Buy A Degree

There are various locations where a person may purchase a degree without having to complete a course. For example, the University of Berkeley is an online university that provides an honorary doctorate starting at $2,000 a year.13)


Sumerian scribal institutions, which were established sometime after 3500 B.C., were among the world's oldest universities. These universities were known as eduba, which might mean “house of tablets”.14)

Graduation Rates

Wisconsin, Iowa, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have the highest graduation rates. Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia, and South Carolina have the lowest.15)

Reading Proficiency And Dropping Out

Students who are unable to read effectively by the third grade are more than four times more likely to drop out.16)

Teachers Quitting

In the United States, 14% of new teachers quit by the end of their first year, 33% depart within the first three years, and almost 50% leave by the end of their fifth year.17)

No Child Left Behind

According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2012, many Americans thought that “No Child Left Behind” has harmed education in the United States.18)

Not Free

Most underdeveloped nations do not provide free public education. Teachers' wages, as well as the costs of books and uniforms, are completely covered by the students' families.19)


According to homeschooling data from 2011-2012, approximately 1.8 million American children are homeschooled, which is more than double the amount in 1999.20)

Kids Not In School

Approximately 64 million primary school-aged children worldwide are not enrolled.21)

Educated Moms And Statistics

Children born to educated moms have a lower risk of malnutrition or stunting. Every additional year of maternal education reduces child mortality.22)

Youth Literacy Rates

Youth literacy rates in South American and European countries are among the highest, with rates ranging from 90% to 100%. In comparison, portions of the African continent have fewer than 50% literacy among youngsters aged 18 and younger.23)

Schools And Students In USA

The United States has around 97,000 public schools and 49 million pupils.24)

Less Access Than Whites

Latino and Native American students have limited access to advanced math and science courses and are more likely than white students to be taught by first-year professors.25)

Keeping Kids Out Of Kindergarten

According to research, keeping youngsters out of kindergarten does not benefit them socially or intellectually. Rather, it raises the likelihood that they will drop out of school later.26)


Black and Latino kids make up 40% of enrolment in gifted and talented programs, whereas they make up just 26% of students in such programs.27)

Suspension Rates

In the United States, American Indian and Native Alaskan females are suspended at a greater rate than white boys and girls.28)

Girls Of Color With Disabilities

One in every five girls of color with disabilities gets suspended from school.29)

Algebra And Chemistry

Approximately one-quarter of the schools in the United States with the largest concentration of black and Latino students did not provide Algebra II, and one-third of these schools did not offer chemistry.30)

Black Students Rates

Although black kids make up 18% of pre-K enrolment in the United States, they account for 48% of preschoolers who have numerous out-of-school suspensions.31)

Black Students Expelled

In the United States, black students are expelled at three times the rate of white pupils.32)

Hispanic And Multiracial Pupils

The number of Hispanic pupils in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States is predicted to rise by 33% by 2022. Multiracial pupils are predicted to increase by 44%.33)

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