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Ed Sheeran

Full Name

Edward Christopher Sheeran is his full name.1)


On February 17, 1991, Edward Christopher Sheeran was born.2)


Ed Sheeran was born in the English town of Halifax, West Yorkshire. When Ed was three years old, his father relocated the family to Framlingham, Suffolk. This is where Ed Sheeran grew up and spent the most of his youth and adolescence.3)


They are John and Imogen, and for the most of Ed's life, they have managed an independent art consultancy.4)


Although Ed was born in England, his father is of Irish heritage, therefore he is at least half Irish.5)

Name For His Fans

Sheeran's supporters are known as Sheerios, after the breakfast cereal Cheerios.6)


Ed Sheeran stands 5'8' or 1.73 meters tall, which is somewhat less than the average height for a guy.7)


Ed Sheeran plays the acoustic guitar, but he has six of them that he alternates between. Felix, Nigel, Trevor, Keith, Lloyd, and Cyril are their names. He isn't dedicated to a single brand, since some of his guitars are Martins and others are Fenders. He also plays a guitar that he designed himself.8)


Ed Sheeran is not the only child in his family. He has one sibling, Matthew Sheeran, who is also a musician. Unlike his younger brother, Matthew Sheeran prefers classical music.9)

Gay Or Straight?

Ed Sheeran today professes to be straight, however he did admit as a child that he felt he was gay. He has already kissed Brent Morin on live television, so you can never be too sure.10)


Ed Sheeran's wife is Cherry Seaborne, and the couple has been married since 2019.11)

National Youth Theater

He advanced his career as a member of the National Youth Theater of the United Kingdom at the age of fifteen.12)

First Celebrity Encounter

Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) was his first celebrity encounter.13)

Life Motto

He is certain that everyone should smile more and consume more chocolate. Who can be upset about that?14)

Lyrics For Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, who likes creating her own music, credits Ed with the lyrics of her hit “Everything Has Changed”. 15)

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