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Ecuador gained its independence from Spain on May 24, 1822. 1)


The highest peak in Ecuador is Chimborazo, 20,564 ft above sea level. 2)

Rio Napo

The longest river in Ecuador is Rio Napo, 668 miles long. 3)


Cotapaxi 19,347 ft, south of Quito is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. 4)

Guinea pig

The guinea pig is a delicacy in Ecuador. 5)


In Ecuador, popcorn is often added to soups. 6)

Panama hat

The panama hat originated in Ecuador. 7)

Vampire bats

All 3 species of 'vampire' bats found worldwide were discovered in Ecuador. 8)

Home to frogs

Ecuador is home to most of the frog species found in the world. 9)


The currency of Ecuador has been the U.S. dollar since September 10, 2000. Sucre was previously used. 10)


The national alcohol of Ecuador is aguardiente. 11)

Pubescens Cinchona

The national tree of Ecuador is Pubescens Cinchona. 12)

The last death sentence

The last death sentence in Ecuador was carried out in 1884. 13)


The name of “Colgate” toothpaste in Latin American dialects of Spanish can be translated to “I'm going to hang myself.” 14)

Right to vote

Women in Ecuador have had the right to vote since 1929. 15)

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