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Full Name

Aubrey Drake Graham is Drake's full name.1)


Drake was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.2)


His mother is white and Canadian, while his father is African-American.3)


Drake began his career as an actor on the Canadian television series spin-off Degrassi: The Next Generation. In truth, he had no intention of becoming a musician because of the popularity of his television job!4)

Didn't Like His Role

Drake clashed with Degrassi's screenwriters and producers, pleading with them to remove his character's wheelchair. He claimed that his rapper pals referred to him as “soft” as a result of this. Drake finally addressed a letter to the producers stating that he would not return for season six as Jimmy Brooks unless the character's injuries was repaired to the point where he no longer required a wheelchair.5)

Beginning Music Career

Soon after leaving acting, he received a call from Lil Wayne, owing to the mixtapes he delivered to Young Money Entertainment (which is owned by Lil Wayne). In fact, the artist was so taken with Drake's hit “Replacement Girl” that he flew Drake down to Houston to play on his Carter III tour.6)


Drake, despite his Catholic upbringing, identifies as Jewish and has a Bar Mitzvah.7)

First Hit

Drake's debut single, “Successful”, was a massive hit! This song was also included in Rolling Stone's list of the 25 Best Songs of 2009.8)


Drake has several tattoos. The most unusual tattoo is a depiction of his mentor Lil Wayne on his arm. Drake also has a Rihanna tattoo.9)


Drake tore his ACL tendon on stage during his “America's Most Wanted” Tour in 2009.10)

Kanye West

A journey to Wyoming to work with Kanye on his record appeared to have strained Drake and Kanye's friendship. Despite Kanye's claim that Drake may utilize his new “Lift Yourself” track, Kanye proceeded to release a single with the rhythm after Drake had departed Wyoming.11)


Drake rose fast to stardom after releasing his debut studio album, Thank Me Later, not even two years after being found. This album topped the charts in both Canada and the United States.12)


For a few years, Rihanna and Drake dated, even releasing a couple of songs together (Take Care and “What's My Name”). The couple subsequently split up and went their own ways, with Rihanna seeing Chris Brown.13)

Marvin's Room

Drake has gotten himself into a lot of difficulty due of his song “Marvin's Room”. The song was apparently written by Drake's ex-girlfriend Erika Lee, although she was never given credit.14)

Grammy Beef

Drake won two prizes in 2017 for his smash single “Hotline Bling.” However, the singer went on to argue that the Grammys had humiliated him, accusing them of “shoehorning” him into a certain category. He thought he was only included in the rap category because of his color, despite the fact that “Hotline Bling” isn't even a rap song.15)

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