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Druk Yul

Bhutan's official name, Druk Yul means dragon. The dragon (Druk) is the symbol of the country. “Kingdom of the Dragon” is the title of the national anthem, and the king is called “King Dragon”. 1)

Red dragon of Wales

The red dragon appears in legends on the banner of King Arthur and the Britons. As a symbol of Wales, it was found in the coats of arms of the Tudors. Today it is used as a symbol by many Welsh institutions, companies, and sports teams. 2)

Saint Theodore

According to Christian tradition, it was Saint George who killed the dragon. Early Christian icons often place another saint, Theodore, in this role. Sometimes the two saints appear side by side. Before the eleventh century, Theodore was the only dragon-killing saint, while St. George was depicted fighting humans. 3)

Draco lizard

The flying dragon, Draco lizard (Draco Volans) is a species of lizard in the agama family inhabiting the island of Borneo. Between its elongated ribs are patches of skin that allow the lizard to glide from branch to branch over distances. During the flight, it can twist and even turn around and land back in the tree from which it took off. It is found in Southeast Asia. 4)


Wyverns can be found in iconography, legends, and heraldry. The name comes from English (wyvern) and is probably derived from the name of the Wye River. Originally, wyverns were identical to dragons, which were always depicted with one pair of legs. Nowadays, mainly through RPG and fantasy literature, they are treated as a separate species of mythical beasts, weaker and smaller than dragons proper, which are depicted as creatures with four legs. 5)

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