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Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1963. He appeared Asian at first, but gradually turned more Caucasian. 1)


He was born in Philadelphia in 1930. Despite the fact that his family is from Nebraska. 2)

Strange's Family History

Strange's family included a sister, a brother, and both parents, all of whom died before he reached the age of 30. Through the 1980s, this was revealed in a flashback. Strange had also frozen his brother Vincent, who had died after being hit by a car, it was revealed. Strange attempted to resurrect his brother using a tome of white magic known as The Book of the Vishanti, but failed miserably. Vincent resurrected as a vampire. 3)

The Book Of Vishanti

The Book of Vishanti has a polar opposite in the form of The Darkhold, a book of evil magic. 4)


Ghost Rider was a member of the Midnight Sons, a loosely related team of magical figures that included Doctor Strange in the 1990s. 5)


The Vishanti are three mythical beings that Strange summons to grant him fighting prowess. They are Agamotto, Oshtur, and Hoggoth. Agamotto has also donated an amulet Strange wears, which can perform almost everything the narrative demands, although its light mostly reveals the truth. Strange employs the Orb of Agamotto as well. 6)

Cloak of Levitation

Strange also wears the Cloak of Levitation, which not only lets him to fly, but also allows him to be semi-self aware and fight for himself if necessary. 7)


Strange summons a slew of other supernatural creatures, such as Denak's demons, Watoomb's winds, Ikonn's illusions, Raggadorr's rings, and so on. He summoned Dormammu in his early days, who turned out to be a truly terrible person from the “Dark Dimension” and eventually Strange's arch-foe. Dormammu is no longer summoned by Strange. 8)

Nightmare And Mordo

Nightmare comes from the Dream Dimension and is the personification of nightmares, drawing energy from, you guessed it, nightmares. Mordo was Strange's fellow pupil under the tutelage of the Ancient One, a disciple who turned rogue. 9)

Ancient One

In the comics, the Ancient One was a very ancient Asian man, but in the film, Tilda Swinton plays an androgynous character. Some fans were outraged, particularly those who believe that Asian roles should be represented by Asian actors. 10)

Sorcerer Supreme

The Ancient One was our dimension's Sorcerer Supreme, tasked with defending it from any extra-dimensional monsters seeking to enslave humanity. 11)


Cyttorak is one of the supernatural beings summoned by Strange. Cyttorak, it turns out, is the force behind X-Men nemesis The Juggernaut. 12)

Sanctum Sanctorum

Strange refers to his Greenwich Village, New York, home as his “Sanctum Sanctorum”. That comes from Judaism, and it's a Latin word that essentially means “Holy of Holies,” or the most hallowed spot in a temple. 177A Bleecker Street is the address. The Sanctum seems to be a brownstone from the exterior, but the inside is significantly bigger. 13)

Don't Touch Anything!

Strange reveals his location to a visiting librarian in the newest Doctor Strange series: “The Sanctum Santorum is the biggest collection of occult esoterica and mystical occurrences in existence.” “Do not touch anything you see,” should go without saying. 14)


Wong, the son of Hamir, the Ancient One's manservant, runs the property. Wong is now Strange's manservant. Or, at least, he was until someone realized what a horrible phrase it was. Strange now refers to Wong as a friend and ally. 15)

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