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Discord is a group-chatting site that was initially created for gamers but has since grown to be used by a wide range of groups. 1)

Music Bot

This was accomplished in March 2018. The first bot to reach 1 million servers was Rhythm, which was created specifically to provide high-quality music streaming in Discord. To put it in context, Rhythm receives approximately 200 commands per second. That's a rate of 12,000 orders per minute! You can listen to music from your YouTube playlist, SoundCloud, Twitch, and even lyrics. 2)

Discord has over 750 verified servers

Discord servers cover a wide range of topics. From gaming to cryptocurrencies, you'll almost certainly find a niche server with people who share your interests. Discord has a global user base of over 250 million active users. Every month, billions of messages were sent. 3)

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