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Transition to Christianity

Harald Klak in the 9th century was the historical ruler of Jutland, from before the unification of Denmark. The meaning of the nickname is unknown; it is probably derogatory. Harald prevented the only attempt by the Franks to conquer Denmark. In 826, influenced by the mission of Bishop Ansgar, he became the first Scandinavian ruler to adopt Christianity (in Mainz). In 827, he left Denmark and settled in Friesland. 1)

Golden Heart trilogy

Idiots is Lars von Trier's first film made according to the principles of the Dogma 95 manifesto, and the second in the so-called “Golden Heart” trilogy, which also includes Breaking the Waves (1996) and Dancing in the Dark (2000). 2)


Zealand is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. The area of the Danish island is 2715 sq mi. Sweden's Gotland is 1214 sq mi, Denmark's Bornholm is 227 sq mi, and Usedom is 172 sq mi. 3)


Amalienborg is the official residence of Danish monarchs and the Danish royal family in Copenhagen since 1794. Amalienborg Palace is named after Queen Sophia Amelia, who had a summer palace with a garden built on the site between 1667 and 1673. Amalienborg is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Copenhagen. 4)

Sorø Akademi

Sorø Akademi in Sorø, Denmark, is Denmark's oldest school, an early center of Scandinavian Christianity, and the cradle of many famous Danish artists. The roots of the Academy date back to 1140, when Bishop Absalon founded a Cistercian monastery in Sorø. Originally the Academy educated only the aristocracy, today it is open to all. 5)

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