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Less Wildflowers

Many of the native wildflowers of North America are on the verge of extinction due to rising deer numbers.1)

Most Hunted

The most often hunted game animal in the United States is the white-tailed deer.2)


Each male white-tailed deer has a unique set of antlers that set it apart from all other members of its species.3)

Deer Population

There are about 40 million deer in the United States and Canada together.4)

Most Common Deer Species

The most common deer species in America is the mule deer.5)


Deer have four toes: two “dew claws,” which are located higher up on the thigh, and two hooves.6)


Due to the fact that they repeatedly chew their cud, deer belong to the ruminant animal class.7)


Deer are herbivores.8)

Chinese Water Deer

The only deer species in which males do not develop antlers is the Chinese water deer.9)

Same Animal Family

Elk, caribou, and moose are all members of the same family of animals as deer.10)

Warning By Tail

Female white-tailed deer lift their tails to warn other deer to leave the area when anything alarmed them.11)

Native To Almost All Continents

Except for Antarctica and Australia, where they have been introduced, deer are native to every continent on Earth.12)

White-tailed Is Very Adaptable

White-tailed deer have twice as many genetic variations than the majority of other animals, which enables them to flourish by adapting to a wider range of situations.13)

Interbred With Mule

White-tailed deer and mule and blacktail deer have sometimes interbred in North America, but the offspring typically lack the unique traits of their parents that are required for survival and are sterile.14)


The Cervidae family of mammals, the second-most varied group of mammals in the world, includes deer.15)

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