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Daredevil uses his superhuman hearing to help him analyze, filter, and interpret the data from his radar or sonar sense, giving him a 3D view of his environment. This is similar to how dolphins utilize echolocation. 1)

Radar Sense Better Than Spider-Sense

Daredevil's Radar Sense, according to Stan Lee, is superior than Spider-Spider-Sense. Man's Without concentrating, Daredevil can see 150 yards in 360 degrees, and considerably beyond when focused. The advantage of Daredevil's radar is that Murdock can analyze oncoming dangers, whereas Spiderman can only respond to the brief second Spider Sense tickle. 2)

Fight Against Yakuza

Daredevil knocked down 107 Yakuza members in under 3 minutes. They were all equipped with swords, firearms, and bats. 3)

Smelled A Sniper

He once detected a sniper from two blocks away only by smelling the gun powder. 4)

Ninja Leader

He rose to the position of chief of the wicked ninja clan. Daredevil #500 features The Hand. The mantle would have passed to Kingpin if he hadn't stolen it. Daredevil reasoned that it would be preferable for him to head the clan rather than a nasty madman like Kingpin. 5)

Scarecrow Immunity

Scarecrow's fear poison has no effect on Daredevil.6)

Pirated Show

Daredevil quickly became the second most pirated show in the world, after only Game of Thrones. 7)

Hell's Kitchen

When Daredevil requested Black Panther to take up guardianship of Hell's Kitchen while he was away, Black Panther accepted. 8)


Matt Murdock frequently jumps from buildings without considering how he would land. He really improvises it in midair while moving from rooftop to rooftop. 9)

Jack Murdock And Training

Matt's father, Jack Murdock, made him vow to acquire a solid education and not become a warrior like himself. Matt usually accepted his teasing classmates' taunts, not wanting to violate his commitment, but he covertly kept up a tough workout schedule all by himself. 10)

Felt The Pregnancy Of a Girl

Daredevil once used her heartbeat to determine the age of a girl, who happened to be 16, and the gender of her kid. The infant was two months old at the time. He tracked them down from his workplace, which was three streets away from the girl's location. 11)

Sense Of Taste

He claims to have a keen sense of taste and can “even detect how many grains of salt are on a pretzel”. 12)

Interrogation Methods

He employs a variety of questioning techniques to elicit information from convicts. His criminology and torture knowledge has been hailed as unerring and frequently overpowering. 13)

Ben Affleck

As a fan of the character, Ben Affleck made it a point to read every single Daredevil comic book in preparation for his role in “Daredevil”. 14)


Daredevil previously had an animal companion named Deuce the Devil Dog, who was a seeing-eye dog. In a poker game, Foggy lost the dog. 15)

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