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Danzig Gulden

Danzig Gulden was introduced in 1923 in the Free City of Danzig to replace the German mark. It was used as currency until the end of 1939. It referred to the currency of the Free City of Danzig in Napoleonic times. 1)

Currency of Ecuador

The official currency of Ecuador is the United States dollar. The change from the Sucre to the dollar in 2000 allowed the country to stabilize its economy. Ecuador mints its centavo coins, equivalent in size and value to U.S. cents. 2)


Florentines were the currency of Florence. It was one of the financial centers of medieval Europe, and because many Florentine banks had branches scattered across the continent, the florin quickly became the main currency for large transactions. 3)


Cristóbal Colón means Christopher Columbus in Spanish. Today two countries, El Salvador and Costa Rica, use a currency named colón in his honor. 4)

United Kingdom switch to decimal scale

It was not until February 15, 1971, that the United Kingdom switched its currency system to a decimal scale. Until then, one pound sterling was divided into 240 pence or 20 shillings. Because of the currency union, the change also affected the Irish Republic pound. 5)

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