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Invented in Scotland

Curling was invented in medieval Scotland and was practiced then on frozen rivers or lakes. 1)

Popularization of curling

The word “curling” first appeared in documents in the 17th century. The sport was quite popular among representatives of the lower classes, but it also fascinated painters and writers. Scottish immigrants took it with them to the New World, making Canada the new home of curling in the 19th and 20th centuries. 2)

Winter Olympics

In 1998, curling entered the Winter Olympics program permanently. 3)

Gender equality

Curling matches involve two teams, male, female, or mixed, of virtually any age. 4)

Basic rules

The game takes place on a rectangular sheet of ice. The goal of each team is to place its own stone as close as possible to the center of the concentric circle painted on the surface of the curling track. 5)

Scrubbing the track

One player sets the stone sliding in the direction of the circle. The other team members, using brushes, quickly scrub the sheet in front of the sliding granite weight. In doing so, they correct its trajectory as they slightly heat and melt the ice, thereby reducing the friction of the track surface in spots. 6)


Curling does not require the use of expensive as well as complex equipment, which is certainly one of the most important features influencing the popularity of the sport. 7)

Curling stone

Granite stones weighing 20 kg are used for the game. They take a strictly rounded and symmetrical shape, defined in the rules. They are also equipped with a special handle that facilitates their sliding for the player. 8)

Curling broom

The shape and characteristics of the curling broom are strictly defined by the rules of the game. The handle of the broom is made of plastic. Its bristles, on the other hand, are prepared from many types of materials, nowadays the most common is, for example, boar or horse hair. Much in this regard also depends on the personal preferences of the player. Brooms also perform an additional task, allowing the player to maintain balance on the ice sheet. 9)


During the game, specially prepared shoes on a flat soles are used. The surface of the right or left shoe (depending on which hand you are throwing the stone with) is additionally covered with a thin layer of Teflon or other smooth and durable material, which will facilitate sliding during stone throwing. When brushing, this shoe is secured with a rubber overlay to increase grip. 10)

Two teams

The competition involves 2 teams of 4 players (lead - the opener, second release, third release, and skip - the team captain). Each player releases two kettlebells - alternating with the opponent. 11)

10 games

One match consists of 10 games (ends), each of which is played in the opposite direction of the curling lane and requires the use of 8 stones, or the execution of 16 throws. 12)

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