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Tiny watermelon

The cucamelon looks like a tiny watermelon, is a type of cucumber and tastes like citrus. The maximum size it can grow to is similar to the size of a grape. This original fruit is native to Mexico and Central America. Another name for it is mouse melon or Mexican sour gherkin. 1)


Cucamelons are slow-growing at the beginning but can grow up to 9.8 feet under proper conditions. They are also drought-resistant and pest-resistant. 2)

Easy to grow

Despite its exotic origin and cute appearance, the miniature watermelon is much easier to grow than regular cucumbers. It is not attacked by pests, grows luxuriantly, and is drought tolerant. 3)

Unique cucumber flavor

The fruit is small enough to fit in a teaspoon and has a unique cucumber flavor with a refreshing lime tint. Cucamelons can be eaten exactly like traditional cucumbers - sliced in salads, pickled whole like gherkins, and can be added to drinks. They can also be chopped and added to salsa for extra texture and flavor. 4)

A perennial plant

It can be treated as a perennial plant, storing the dug tuber overwinter in a cool, dry place such as sawdust. 5)

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