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Pom pom crab/Boxer crab

The Lybia tessellata is known to a wider audience as the boxer crab (or pom-pom crab). The name comes from the fact that it carries a sea anemone in each of its claws, which makes its claws resemble boxing gloves. It uses the stinging cells of the anemones to threaten predators when attacked and to collect food particles.1)


Decapoda is an order with about 10,000 species that the largest crustaceans belong to. They include American lobster, which can reach a weight of 44 pounds, and the giant Japanese spider crab, which has legs that can span up to 12 feet. 2)

Edible crustaceans

There were early 10,700,000 tons of edible crustaceans produced in 2007. Humans mostly consume decapod crustaceans: crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crawfish, and prawns. 3)


Crustaceans can live from a few days to several years. It has been proven that the lifespan of crayfish can be as long as 40 years. 4)

Snow crab

The most expensive crab in the world costs $46,000. 5)


There is a completely transparent crustacean in the world. It is the Cystisoma. 6)

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