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Liberland is a micronation located in a no man's land between Croatia and Serbia on the western bank of the Danube River. It was proclaimed on 13 April 2015 by Czech libertarian politician and activist Vít Jedlička. 1)


Vegeta - a blend of spices and vegetables produced by Podravka in Croatia. The product was invented in the laboratories of Podravka in 1958. The head of the department that invented it was Zlata Bartl. It was first released on the Yugoslavian market, under the name Vegeta 40. The product gained great popularity. In 1967, exports to the USSR and Hungary began. Today, according to the manufacturer, Vegeta is sold in more than 30 countries around the world. 2)


Maraschino is a species of colorless liqueur, originally made in Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast and now also in Italy. It is distilled from the fermented juice of maraschino, which is a bitter variety of wild cherry native to the Dalmatian region, and then flavored with distillates on rose petals and orange blossoms. Maraschino contains 32-40% alcohol. 3)

252.14 sq miles

For a long time Krk was considered the largest island in Croatia, but measurements taken in 2011 showed that Cres has the same area - 252.14 sq miles. However, Krk remains the most populated Croatian island with almost 20 thousand inhabitants. 4)


Dalmatians are native to Croatia. Their name reflects their origin in Dalmatia, a region on the Adriatic coast that was settled by Croats in the early Middle Ages. 5)

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