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Cows Produce More Milk When They Listen To Calm Music

Today, in the 21st century, we often forget about the fact that animals actually have feelings. However, various studies prove it. It turns out that you can really take much more humane care of milk production, e.g. through concerts or playing quiet classical music for cows, and thanks to that they can produce more milk.

350,000 glasses of milk

A single cow can produce around 6.3 gallons of milk per day. This amounts to around 350,000 glasses of milk in a lifetime. 1)

Holstein's spots

Cows' skin patterns are known as Holstein’s spots. They are like human fingerprints — there are no two cows with an identical pattern of black and white spots. 2)

Valuable milk

Cows are our source of beef, which steaks are made of. However, their cheese, butter, and milk are more valuable than beef. 3)

Sacred cow

In India, cows enjoy special status and are considered sacred creatures. 4)

Goddess Prithivi

There are also passages in certain texts that describe the cow as an incarnation of the goddess Prithivi. 5)


On average, cows live about twenty years. 6)

Big Bertha

One of the oldest cows was Big Bertha, a native of Ireland who boasts longevity. Berta was born in 1945 and died in 1993. 7)


The world's fattest cow Knickers lives in Australia and weighs over a ton. 8)


A cow's pregnancy lasts 282 days and generally, one calf is born. 9)


The interval between milking a cow should be no less than 12 hours. 10)


Cows are animals characterized by a very high intelligence quotient. 11)


Some cows have been known to struggle with extreme shyness. 12)

Mimicing humans

Cows love to play and can mimic certain human behaviors. 13)

Panoramic sight

Cows can see almost 360 degrees. 14)

800 different breeds

There are over 800 different breeds of cattle in the world. 15)

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