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Control Fire And Ice

The capacity to control fire and ice in order to cook and preserve food aided mankind in the development of new technologies and advancements.1)

Smoke Kills

Every year, smoke, primarily from indoor cooking fires, kills around 1.5 million people in the poor countries.2)

Women More Vulnerable In History

Women have historically been the most exposed to the hazards of cooking, particularly because they frequently wore billowing skirts and long sleeves over open flames.3)

First Evidence Of Cooking

Cooking with fire or heat is an exclusively human activity. While archeological evidence for cooking dates back only 1 million years.4)

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution forever altered cooking. Food could be mass-produced, standardized, and mass-marketed.5)

Place Of Violence

Kitchens, according to historians, are a hotbed of violence. People are frequently burnt, disfigured, frozen, and, in particular, cut.6)

Grilling May Cause Cancer

Grilling food may increase the risk of cancer. Charred meat can harm DNA and genetic material, causing mutations that lead to cancer.7)

Chef Wears White

A chef is generally dressed in white since the chef of France's first prime minister (1815) felt that white was the most sanitary of all colors.8)

Chefs Dressed Like Monks

When the Byzantine Empire invaded Greece in 146 BC, Greek cooks fled to surrounding monasteries and dressed like monks, donning huge stove-top hats.9)


The pleats of a chef's hat not only convey a sense of fashion and professionalism, but they also traditionally indicated the number of recipes a cook had learned. As a result, a cook with 100 pleats may have learned 100 distinct methods to boil an egg.10)

Chef's Hat Height

The taller the chef's cap, the more important or knowledgeable a cook was historically. Most chef hats today are 9-12 inches tall.11)

Fear Of Vegetables

Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables.12)

Rise Of Fast Food

Fast food's popularity and the lack of cooking have harmed family meals and raised obesity rates.13)

Eating Bugs

Eating bugs (also known as entomophagy) is the standard across the world. They are consumed for their high protein content, enticing crunchiness, and flavor.14)

Before Cookware

Prior to the invention of cookware approximately 24,000 BC, people depended on foraged shells or animal pieces to preserve and transport food.15)

Sharp Knife And Onion

A sharp knife produces less damage to the cell walls of an onion than a dull knife, resulting in less propanethial S-oxide, the chemical that causes eyes to water.16)

Sharp Knife Is Safer

A sharp knife allows a cook to cut himself or herself less because it uses less force to cut through food.17)

First Soup

The earliest type of soup dates back to around 6,000 BC. The recipe calls for meat from sparrows and hippopotamuses.18)

Heat In Kitchens

Professional chefs in wealthy households in 17th-century Europe were mostly men. Because of the intense heat in the kitchens, they frequently worked naked or in undergarments.19)

Pound Cake

The pound cake got its name from the original recipe, which asked for a pound of each of butter, flour, sugar, and eggs.20)

Home Fires

Every year, fire departments in the United States respond to over 172,000 home fires involving cooking equipment.21)

Puffer Fish As Food

A puffer fish, often known as fugu, is poisonous if cooked incorrectly. It has a poison that is over 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide.22)

Cod Milt

Cod milt is a delicacy all over the world. The term “milt” refers to fish sperm.23)

Largest Item On Menu

Stuffed camel is the biggest item ever found on a menu. To mention a few items, a whole camel is packed with a couple of lambs, 20 entire chickens, and 60 eggs.24)

Bread For Public Service

Bread was identified with national identity in pre-revolutionary France, and making bread was considered a public service to discourage the people from rioting. As a result, the police had complete control over the bread-making process.25)

More Eating, Less Cooking

According to researchers, Food TV has motivated people to eat more but not to prepare more. Food TV may actually discourage people from cooking since it sets such high standards.26)

French Cuisine

Following the French Revolution, French cuisine, or elegant dining, flourished. Chefs who had worked for the nobility lost their employment after the war, so they created their own restaurants for the public.27)

More Money On Restaurant Than At Home

Americans spend more money on restaurant food than on food they can prepare at home.28)

James Beard

James Beard is regarded as the “Father of American Cuisine,” having championed distinctly American cuisine at a time when most chefs were still following in the footsteps of the French.29)

Baking Of Bread

The technique of making bread evolved substantially when the Greeks built front-loaded bread ovens. They were able to bake a broad range of doughs and loaf forms, which led to baking being a commercial and economic powerhouse.30)

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