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Computer Games


Some of the games from the Contra series had a different name in Europe. They were called Probotector. 1)

Lylat Wars

Lylat Wars is an alternative name for Star Fox 64, a 3D scrolling shooter for the Nintendo 64. The Lylat Wars name was used in the PAL region. 2)

Vectrex Gaming Console

The Vectrex Gaming Console (1984) was the first gaming console with touch control. 3)


The Microsoft Xbox (2001) was the first console with full support for HDTV. 4)

World of WarCraft

The highest-grossing game of all time is World of Warcraft. The game brought in over $10 billion over its lifetime. 5)


MegaMan is known as RockMan in Japan. They changed the name from Rockman to MegaMan for the international version of the game. 6)

Donkey Kong

In the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Mario was called jump man, who happened to be a carpenter, not the famous plumber that we know and love today. 7)

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