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Columbia Pictures

American film studio

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (formerly CBC Film Sales Corporation) is an American film studio, production company, and distributor that is part of the Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, a division of Sony Entertainment's Sony Pictures subsidiary. In 1918 Harry Cohn, his brother Jack Cohn and Joe Brandt formed CBC Film Sales Corporation, which would later become Columbia Pictures. In 1924, it changed its name to Columbia Pictures and went public two years later. 1)


With a gross of $1.256 billion in 1997, Columbia Pictures was the highest-grossing movie studio in the United States. 2)

Jim Henson

On July 21, 1995, Sony Columbia Pictures formed a joint venture with Jim Henson Productions called Jim Henson Pictures. 3)

Columbia Pictures Lady

Jennifer Joseph isn't well-known, but her image as the draped lady carrying a torch in the Columbia Pictures logo is seen by millions of moviegoers every year. 4)

Coca-Cola owning Columbia Pictures

The Coca-Cola Company acquired film studio Columbia Pictures for $750 million on June 22, 1982. Columbia was sold to Sony for $3 billion in 1989. 5)

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