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Cold War

Object 287

The Object 288 prototype rocket tank was based on the Object 287 rocket tank with a gas turbine installation. It was to be used as a rocket tank. Only a prototype with a gas turbine engine designed based on a helicopter propulsion system was produced. The weapon system was not installed. The machine was used to test the GTD-350T gas turbine tank assembly. The project began in 1961 when the Leningrad Kirov and Klimov plants began joint research into the prospects of using the GTD-350 gas turbine on land-based equipment. 1)

Operation Keelhaul

During Operation Keelhaul, which lasted from 1945 to 1947, not only were all former Russian citizens handed over to the Soviets, but Ukrainian and other citizens were as well, despite their pleas for asylum in the West. The operation was considered secret and kept secret in the West until the 1970s, which is why Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called it “the last secret of the Second World War.” Many ordinary prisoners of war or forced laborers were locked up in gulags because Joseph Stalin considered surrender to be treason and anyone who came into contact with the “West” to be possibly “tainted” with Western ideals. 2)

War Games

A $1 million NORAD command center located in Colorado, near Colorado Springs, was built specifically for the film “War Games.” It was one of the costliest film investments of its time. 3)

Charter of the New Europe

On November 21, 1990, the so-called Charter of the New Europe was signed in Paris, proclaiming the end of nearly half a century of confrontation between the two political-military blocs and the beginning of a “new era of democracy, peace, and unity.” This marked the beginning of the withdrawal of Russian troops from the former Warsaw Pact countries. 4)

William Donovan

The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for obtaining and analyzing information on foreign governments, corporations and individuals and compiling reports for U.S. government agencies based on that information. At the end of the war, William Donovan presented Roosevelt with a proposal to create an intelligence agency modeled on the OSS, adapted for peacetime operations. 5)

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