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Coin flips

Coin flips have a 50.8 percent chance of landing the same way up as when they started. 1)

More than 2600 years ago

The first coins were created more than 2600 years ago - exactly in the 7th century BC in what is now Turkey. 2)

The oldest Polish coin

The oldest Polish coin was struck between 970 and 992. On the obverse, it bears a very simplified image of a temple (formerly interpreted as a duke's miter) and a cross symbol in the reverse.3)

1 Tonne Australian Kangaroo

The largest coin weighs 2,231 lb and was over 2 ft 7.49 in diameter. It was called the “1 Tonne Australian Kangaroo” and introduced on 9 February 2012 by the Perth Mint in Australia.4)

Coin spins

19.37 seconds is the official record for the time a coin spins until it comes to a complete rest. This was done by Briton, Scott Day in London during an entertainment program on the BBC channel.5)

The smallest coin

The smallest coin in the world was created in Switzerland. It featured Albert Einstein's famous tongue-out pose. The coin was just 0.1” in diameter and some of its features couldn't be seen with the naked eye. 6)

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