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Coastal Dugong

Mermaid's tear

The coastal dugong (Dugong dugon) is a marine mammal belonging to the order Coastals. The eyelids of dugongs contain glands that secrete an oily fluid that protects their eyes from being damaged by the salty seawater. After pulling the dugong above the water's surface, this secretion collects in the corner of the eye and forms what is commonly called a “mermaid's tear”. These are used by some peoples of Oceania as an amulet. 1)

Sea cows

Commonly known as “sea cows”, dugongs graze peacefully on seagrasses in the shallow coastal waters of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. 2)

Cousins to manatees

Dugongs are cousins to manatees and have a similar plump appearance, but have a tail similar to dolphins'. 3)

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