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A sombrero is a tall straw or felt hat with a soft, wide brim. It was used in Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries. From there it made its way to the Spanish colonies in Central and South America. It is the national headgear of Mexicans and Chileans. One of the galaxies was named the Sombrero Galaxy because of its shape. 1)

Equestrian fashion

A riding habit also called an amazon, is a woman's garment for horseback riding, used mainly for hunting. Modern women usually choose amazon styled after pre-war ones. 2)

Papal mantum

A mantum is a ceremonial papal cloak. It resembles an ordinary cape but differs from it in that it is longer and is fastened with a decorative buckle. 3)


Krama is a traditional item of clothing in Cambodia with many uses such as a scarf, bandana, to cover the face, for decorative purposes and as a hammock for children. It can also be used as a form of weaponry. Bokator warriors wrap the stall around their waists, heads, and fists. The skill level of the fighting master is indicated by the color of the stall: white being the lowest and black being the most advanced. Typical straps are made of checkered cotton cloth, and the traditional colors are red or blue. 4)


Keffiyeh is a square piece of cloth, usually, cotton, folded and wrapped in various ways around the head. Many Palestinian keffiyehs are made of a mixture of cotton and wool, which is characterized by the fact that it retains heat and dries quickly. 5)

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