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Nocturnes from Opus Nine

The first of Frederic Chopin's nocturnes from opus nine is written in the key of B flat minor, the second in E flat major, and the third in B flat major. Fryderyk Chopin wrote them when he was only twenty, dedicating them to the French pianist and composer Marie Pleyel. 1)

Dislike of public appearances

Despite being a virtuoso and unique composer, Frederic Chopin hated giving concerts - he was shy and did not like crowds. 2)

No symphonies

A characteristic element of Chopin's works is a deep expression and drawing on stylistic patterns of Polish folk music. He never composed a symphony. 3)


On November 2, 1830, he went to Dresden, then to Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. During his journey, he wrote a diary called “Stuttgart Diary”, in which he presented his state of mind at the moment of the fall of the November Uprising. 4)


A crater on Mercury is named after Frederic Chopin. 5)

Strict father

As a child, Chopin was not praised by his father Nicholas. He was constantly reprimanded and chastised. This translated into the composer's later behavior as a music teacher. 6)

George Sand

Chopin had a relationship with George Sand. The woman became an inspiration for Fryderyk. After nine years of relationship, George decided to break up with Chopin. Some say that as a result of this event, the composer's health deteriorated and greatly accelerated his death. 7)

Cause of death

Chopin left this world on the night of October 17, 1849. The cause was said to be tuberculosis, but recent research indicates that it may have been caused by cystic fibrosis. 8)

Chopin's Heart

The composer's heart is in the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw. 9)

Fascination with Bach

Chopin did not hide his fascination with Bach. He urged his pupils to practice playing works by the German. This was to strengthen their fingers. 10)


From an early age, Frederic preferred to play the piano in the dark. This provided the right inspiration for him. Also when playing concerts he asked for the lights in the room to be dimmed. 11)

Date of birth

It is uncertain whether we should definitely celebrate Chopin's birthday on the first day of March, some sources claim that the composer was born a few days earlier - on February 22, 1810. 12)


The Chopin Festival is held every year and is very popular and respected. 13)

Three sisters

Frederic Chopin had three sisters: Ludwika, Izabela, and Emilia, who died prematurely. 14)

First published work

In 1817 the first published work by Fryderyk Chopin appeared in print. It was a polonaise in the key of G minor. 15)

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