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Nocturnes from Opus Nine

The first of Frederic Chopin's nocturnes from opus nine is written in the key of B flat minor, the second in E flat major, and the third in B flat major. Fryderyk Chopin wrote them when he was only twenty, dedicating them to the French pianist and composer Marie Pleyel. 1)

Dislike of public appearances

Despite being a virtuoso and unique composer, Frederic Chopin hated giving concerts - he was shy and did not like crowds. 2)

No symphonies

A characteristic element of Chopin's works is a deep expression and drawing on stylistic patterns of Polish folk music. He never composed a symphony. 3)


On November 2, 1830, he went to Dresden, then to Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Stuttgart. During his journey, he wrote a diary called “Stuttgart Diary”, in which he presented his state of mind at the moment of the fall of the November Uprising. 4)


A crater on Mercury is named after Frederic Chopin. 5)

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