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Tree Hugging Is Forbidden In China

After the mass tree embracing outside China's imperial garden, Zhongnanhai, a couple of years prior, the Chinese government reasoned that the environmentalists were a perilous clique and a danger to public solidarity. 1)

Illegal to Order Too Much Food

In May of 2021, a law went into effect in China that, among other things, prohibits restaurant guests from ordering more food than they need. The regulations, judged to be confusing, could lead to the undoing of China's popular tradition of dining out. 2)

Inappropriate use of the Chinese language

China banned “improper and inappropriate use of the Chinese language, especially the misuse of idioms.” Technically, the ban mainly applies to the press, radio stations, but it also covers ordinary citizens. 3)

Translate it all

In China, an idea has emerged for all foreign words to have proper Chinese translations: Experts could submit their translations for public consultation and trial use before they become official. People could even vote for their favorite translations. 4)

Mount Everest

The highest peak in China and also the highest peak in the world is Mount Everest. 5)

Flag of China

The rectangular-shaped flag of China consists of five stars placed in the upper left corner on a red background. The red color refers to the revolution but is also meant to refer to the traditional use of this color by the Chinese people and the symbolism of the Han dynasty. The five five-pointed stars in gold color are supposed to refer to the tradition of the meaning of this numeral in this country. One of the stars is larger, the other four surround it. They are meant to symbolize the unity of the social classes of the Chinese people - the intelligentsia, farmers, soldiers, and petty bourgeoisie with communist beliefs. The flag was introduced with the establishment of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949. 6)

Yangtze River

The longest river of this country flows for 3915 miles, it is the Yangtze River. 7)

Virgin boy eggs

Virgin boy eggs are a real delicacy and a traditional dish in Dongyang city. 8)

One dollar a day

It is estimated that about one hundred million Chinese have to live on one dollar a day. 9)

Pin in a collar

Chinese soldiers have a needle stuck into the collar of their uniform during drill exercises. This is to help them develop the habit of keeping their heads perfectly straight. 10)


In China, ketchup was originally used as a sauce for marinating fish. Its name is “ke-tsiap”. 11)


Larger cities in China are facing huge air pollution. Sometimes it is so polluted that through the Pacific Ocean the “fog” reaches as far as San Francisco. 12)

Gaming consoles ban

In 2000, the Chinese government banned the purchase as well as possession of foreign game consoles. This regulation remained in effect until 2014. 13)

No diapers

Children in China who are taken for a walk do not wear diapers. 14)

Car license

In China, one month after purchasing the car, the vehicle can move without a license plate. 15)

Chinese driving license

If you have an international driver's license, you can't drive a car in China anyway. You need a Chinese license to drive a car, which means you have to pass a driving test. 16)

First ice-cream

We owe the ice cream consumed on warm summer days to the Chinese. It was they who, more than two thousand years before our era, began burying ice cream mixed with rice in the snow. 17)

Gifting etiquette

When receiving a gift from a Chinese person, it should not be opened in his presence. It should be unwrapped when you are alone. 18)

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