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Forbidden In China

Tree Hugging Is Forbidden In China

After the mass tree embracing outside China's imperial garden, Zhongnanhai, a couple of years prior, the Chinese government reasoned that the environmentalists were a perilous clique and a danger to public solidarity. 1)

Illegal to Order Too Much Food

In May of 2021, a law went into effect in China that, among other things, prohibits restaurant guests from ordering more food than they need. The regulations, judged to be confusing, could lead to the undoing of China's popular tradition of dining out. 2)

Inappropriate use of the Chinese language

China banned “improper and inappropriate use of the Chinese language, especially the misuse of idioms.” Technically, the ban mainly applies to the press, radio stations, but it also covers ordinary citizens. 3)

Translate it all

In China, an idea has emerged for all foreign words to have proper Chinese translations: Experts could submit their translations for public consultation and trial use before they become official. People could even vote for their favorite translations. 4)

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