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Cape Froward

Cape Froward is a cape that is the southernmost tip of South America on the mainland. Cape Horn, on the other hand, is the southernmost point of all of America and is located on Horn Island. Froward is part of the Brunswick Peninsula, within Chile. 1)

War of the Pacific

In the 19th century, there were no clearly defined borders between Peru, Bolivia, and Chile in the Atacama Desert region. This became a source of conflict when valuable natural resources were discovered in the region. 2)

Gran Torre Santiago

Gran Torre Santiago is the tallest skyscraper in Chile and South America and the tallest office building in Latin America. The building was designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, and construction was completed in 2013. The tower was built to be able to withstand earthquakes, which happen in this area. 3)


Galvarino was a famous Indian warrior from the Mapuche (Araucan) tribe living in present-day Chile. In 1577 at the Battle of Millaraupe Galvarino was killed with knives by more than 30 conquistadors, including one general. Despite being outnumbered, the Indians lost the battle. More than 3,000 Indians were killed and 800 were taken, prisoner. 4)


Valparaíso is the second-largest city in Chile, located at the foot of the Andes Mountains, a port on the Pacific Ocean. The city was founded in 1536 by Spanish conqueror Juan de Saavedra. The city's name is a combination of the Spanish words Valle (valley) and paraíso (paradise), which means valley of paradise. The historic districts of Valparaíso were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 5)


Avocados are grown in Chile in large quantities. 6)

Clear skies

The area around Vicuna is famous for having the clearest skies in the southern hemisphere. It is no wonder that the area is full of astronomical observatories, some of which are also available for tourists. 7)

Glaciers, penguins, and sea lions

Glaciers, penguins, and sea lions are all features of the southern part of Chile. 8)

La Chascona

House of Pablo Neruda For all lovers of poetry, there is an opportunity to visit his home in the Santiago area. 9)

Paila Marina

Especially noteworthy is the Paila Marina a seafood soup. 10)

Easter Island

Easter Island and the Rano Kau volcano on it are extremely popular with tourists. 11)


Chile is famous for its good wines. 12)

Villa Grimaldi

Villa Grimaldi is the place where political prisoners were tortured during Pinochet's rule. 13)

Museo Regional Salesiano

The collection of Salesian missionaries can be admired at the Museo Regional Salesiano in Punta Arenas. 14)

Church in Castro

The church in Castro is stunning with its raw, wooden interior. 15)

Lauca River

The Lauca has been called a disputed river. For years there has been a conflict over it between Chile and Bolivia. 16)

The Atacama

The desert landscape is characteristic of the northern part of Chile. There lies the Atacama Desert. 17)

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