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The Illinois tribe

As late as the second half of the 18th century, the area around the city was entirely inhabited by Native Americans, most of the Illinois tribe. 1)

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable

The first non-Native American settler to arrive in the area was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. Du Sable was a black merchant and trapper who came from Haiti to the Chicago area between 1770 and 1780. 2)

The yellow cabs

It was the first time in history that yellow cabs took to the streets in Chicago. Only later did other American cities adopt this color for this type of transportation. 3)

Many beaches

The city has a 26-mile stretch of Lake Michigan waterfront with close to 25 beaches. 4)


Chicago has several nicknames: Second City, Chitown, The Big Onion. In recent years, new ones have also appeared: Chiberia (referring to the harsh winter) and Chiraq (referring to the high crime rate). 5)

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