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Chess Boxing

The rules

The goal of chess boxing is to defeat your opponent in alternating rounds of boxing and chess. Matches are won in the chess portion by achieving a checkmate or the boxing portion through either a stoppage or points decision. 1)

Samuel Montagu Club

The earliest mention of the sport dates back to 1978 when two brothers Stewart and James Robinson dueled in a similar fashion at the Samuel Montagu Club. 2)

Enki Bilal

It is officially accepted that chess boxing was invented in 1992 by French comic book artist Enki Bilal. 3)

Iepe Rubingh

In 2003, the first World Championships were held, won by Dutchman Iepe Rubingh. Most events are held in London and Berlin. 4)

11 rounds

Each fight lasts a total of 11 rounds. It begins with a chess duel lasting 4 minutes, followed by a fistfight lasting 3 minutes after a minute break. 5)

Da Mystery of Chessboxin

Famous hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan recorded a song called “Da Mystery of Chessboxin”. 6)

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