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==== Game of kings Chess is called the Game of Kings. 1)

Is chess a sport?

In chess, as in any other sport, the most important thing is competition, skill development, and strategy. Competition based on intellectual activity with the goal of achieving a sporting result is also considered a sport. 2)


In Persian, “Shah Mat” means “the king is dead.” 3)

Checkmate in two moves

There are eight ways to get to checkmate in two moves and 355 ways to get to checkmate in three moves. 4)

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster title is awarded to chess players who within a certain period of time achieve three valuable results in international tournaments competing with Grandmasters. 5)

White go first

The rule that in chess the white go first was officially introduced at the 1880 world championships. 6)


A chess game can end in a draw when three times the same position appears on the board, one of the players gives perpetual chess, or makes 50 moves without moving a pawn or hitting any piece. 7)


Stalemate is the draw ending of a game caused by repeating moves that checkmate the opponent's king. 8)

Cradle of chess

India is considered to be the cradle of chess. 9)

The first international chess competition

The first international chess competition was organized in London in 1851. 10)

5949 moves

It has been calculated that the longest possible chess game leading to victory could theoretically have as many as 5949 moves. 11)

The longest official chess game

The longest official chess game lasted 269 moves. It was played in 1989 between Nikolic and Arsovin. It lasted over 20 hours and ended in a draw. 12)

Judit Polgár

The best female chess player, Judit Polgár, became a grandmaster at the age of 12. 13)

Sergey Karjakin

The youngest grandmaster was Sergey Karjakin. He received the title in 2002 at the age of 12 years and 7 months. 14)

Blindfolded chess

In 1960, Janos Flesch played 52 chess games simultaneously while blindfolded. 31 were won. 15)

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