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Helium is a noble gas that has not formed any chemical compounds known to mankind. In 2017, scientists “forced” the two-electron element to form the first solid compound with sodium using high pressure. Due to the nature of the noble gas, helium almost does not participate in the compound, but more forces the sodium atoms to interact with each other. As a result of the interactions, a crystal lattice is formed, similar to that in flourite, except that some electrons are trapped between the atoms, behaving as negative ions. This structure is known as an electride. 1)

Ralstonia metallidurans

Ralstonia metallidurans (CH34) are bacteria that can live and grow in highly metallic solutions (toxic to most microorganisms). These bacteria play a key role in the formation of gold nuggets directly from an aqueous solution. Currently, methods are being developed to extract gold from mine water due to the ability of the bacteria. 2)

Sir Humphry Bartholomew Davy

Sir Humphry Bartholomew Davy (1778-1829) was a British chemist and physicist. The scientist's merit was his discoveries of the elements. He showed that known substances are oxides of metals. Davy was the first to isolate potassium and sodium in 1807, and calcium, strontium, and magnesium in 1808. In 1807 he received the Napoleon Prize for his work on electrolysis. In 1815 he constructed a safe mining lamp (the so-called Davy lamp). 3)


Assimilates are products of photosynthesis found in plants and other photoautotrophs. They are formed by the assimilation of simple inorganic compounds (usually carbon dioxide and water). 4)

Edward Teller

Edward Teller was a Hungarian-born nuclear physicist and nuclear weapons expert. In 1935 he settled permanently in the USA. Known as the “father of the American hydrogen bomb”. He came up with many proposals for the peaceful use of nuclear weapons, such as the project to build a harbor in Alaska by means of hydrogen detonation on the seabed. Awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize” in 1991. 5)

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