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Cheese Rolling

Cooper's Hill

Cheese Rolling is an annual festival, the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling & Wake takes place in Gloucester, England. 1)

Running after cheese

This event entails participants rolling down an extremely steep slope, and running after it, a 9-pound cheese wheel. In reality, the first person to hit the bottom (in one piece) gets to take home the cheese wheel! 2)

69 MPH

Cheese can reach speeds of 69 mph and catching it is simply impossible. The history of this unusual pursuit dates back to the 18th century. 3)

Medics on the spot

The race is frantic and the daredevils who take part in it must reckon with the injuries acquired along the way. The hill is very steep and is covered with uneven grass. Bruises, cuts, fractures, and other injuries are quite common. At the foot of the hill, at the finish line, volunteers and paramedics are waiting for the competitors. 4)

Beer convalescence

Immediately after treating their wounds, contestants usually end up at 'The Cheese Rollers' pub in the nearby village of Shurdington, where they undergo further beer convalescence. 5)

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