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Chartreuse is a liqueur based on wine distillate and extracts from 130 different herbs. Its name comes from the Carthusian monastery of La Grande Chartreuse near Grenoble. 1)

Carthusian order

In 1084, St. Bruno built seven hermitages and a chapel in the mountains of the Chartreuse Massif and, with six brothers, founded a community of hermits that gave rise to the Carthusian order. The Carthusians are a contemplative order, living alone, working in silence, but forming a community. 2)

Recipe for the elixir of life

In 1605, the Marquis d'Estrees gave them the recipe for the elixir of life, prepared by an unknown alchemist. The Carthusians took possession of the document and from then on began producing this elixir. This was no magic, but an alcohol-based herbal extract, which because of its rich composition (about 130 species of herbs) is very effective in the treatment of many diseases. 3)

Drunk regularly

The inhabitants of Dauphiné believe that Chartreuse liqueur should be drunk regularly, every day after a meal, as it is supposed to improve digestion. One of their favorite desserts is cream ice cream topped with this liqueur - it's excellent! 4)

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