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CD Projekt Red

The Witcher has over one million lines of code

The Witcher 3 has over one million lines of code. It has 1,135,617, to be exact. 1)

CD Projekt capital group was founded

In 1994, the first company of the CD Projekt capital group was founded. The founders imported games from abroad and sold them on the Warsaw computer market. The first publisher they signed a contract with was American Laser Games. Later the offer expanded to include Blizzard, Acclaim, Blue Byte, and games produced by other publishers. 2)


In 2008, the Good Old Games platform was created - now It distributes older titles, and a great innovation was the abandonment of DRM protection. 3)


The first part of The Witcher had its version for the Linux system, and also on the platform, there are many games available for Penguin. 4)


Another company, Spokko, was also formed to produce mobile games. 5)

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