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Cats are lactose intolerant

Cats are lactose intolerant. Although kittens are born with the ability to digest lactose, it fades out later in their life. An adult cat drinking milk often ends up with an upset stomach. 1)

Cats move half of their body forward at the same time

Cats, when walking, move half of their body forward at the same time. First, they move their right feet and then the left feet follow. The only other animals who move this way are giraffes and camels. 2)

Cats don't taste sweet

Cats don't recognize the sweet taste. They are not genetically predisposed to do so. Unlike meat, cake on a plate is safe with a cat around.3)

Rare Two-Faced Kitten Born

In May of 2020, an uncommon double-dealing cat was brought into the world in Albany, Oregon. The little cat was brought into the world with a birth imperfection called cranial duplication. The two mouths moved and had the option to nurture. Tragically, the cat died a couple of days after birth. 4)

Cats have three eyelids

Cats have three eyelids. The third is usually visible in the corner of the eye in the form of a tiny triangle of light (whitish or slightly pink) tissue. It prevents the eye from drying out and half-closes when the cat is ill. 5)

32 muscles in one ear

Thanks to the fact that there are as many as 32 muscles in the cat's ear, they can move each ear separately and independently of each other rotate them by up to 180 degrees. 6)

No identical noses

There are no two identical cat noses - each of them is as unique as human fingerprints and gives a different imprint. 7)

Role of the whiskers

Cats can use their whiskers to check if the crossing is wide enough to fit in. 8)

Sensing earthquakes?

It is a myth that thanks to their exceptional sensitivity to vibrations, most cats can sense the incoming earthquake even a quarter of an hour earlier. 9)

Cats are the most popular pet in the world. There are more than 500 million domestic cats. 10)


Cats sleep an average of 13 to 14 hours a day. 11)


The heaviest domestic cat ever weighed 46lb 15 ½ oz. 12)

Stubbs, the cat who was a mayor

Cat Stubbs was the mayor of Talkeetna for 20 years, a small town in Alaska. Although he held no legislative power, he was loved by locals and tourists alike. 13)

First cat in space

On October 18, 1963, Felicette, also known as 'Astrocat' was the first cat to go into space. 14)

Faster heartbeat

Cats' hearts beat twice as fast as humans. A cat's heart has 110-140 beats per minute. 15)

100 different sounds

Cats make over 100 different sounds, while dogs can make about 10. 16)

230 bones

A cat has 230 bones, which is more than a human, and 10% of the bones are in its tail. 17)

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