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The dome of Parma Cathedral is decorated with a fresco called “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. The author of the fresco is Correggio, Antonio Allegri, an Italian painter, draughtsman, and fresco artist of the mature Renaissance period, who created frescoes that influenced the art of the following centuries. He created frescoes that influenced the art of the following centuries. His paintings are full of illusionism, three-dimensional solids, and space on the plane, and became a model for Baroque painting. 1)

Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

The Cathedral of Madrid was consecrated by Pope John Paul II on June 15, 1993. His statue is located on the cathedral's grounds, on Calle de Bailen. On May 22, 2004, Philip VI of Bourbon, Duke of Asturias, and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano were married in this cathedral. 2)

The crown of thorns in Notre Dam

The crown of thorns is one of the Christian attributes-symbols of the martyrdom of Jesus Christ. Currently, the relics of the crown of thorns are located in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and are a rim in the form of intertwined twigs. Throughout the Middle Ages, there was a practice of plucking the thorns from it and translating them to many places (mainly churches and monasteries), and they were placed among the insignia of power. Hence, the crown in its current state is devoid of thorns. 3)


Pinnacle is a vertical decorative element in the form of a slender stone tower, ending at the top with a spire, the edges of which are decorated with frogs and topped with a flower. It is characteristic of Gothic and neo-Gothic architecture. The pinnacle, besides its decorative role, also had the function of ballasting the buttress. 4)

Cathedral of Brasília

Oscar Niemeyer designed the famous cathedral in Brasilia. In 1956, Juscelino Kubitschek, the new president of Brazil, visited Niemeyer. He told him about his vision of building new national capital and invited him to lead the project. Niemeyer organized a zoning competition, after which he designed Brasilia's buildings himself. 5)

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