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No windows in the casinos

Did you know that there are no clocks or windows in casinos? This is one of the design characteristics used to make people lose track of time. To organize their day, people make use of time cues, and when they are deprived of those cues, they keep focusing on the present. In casinos, this means playing, betting, and the constant flow of money. 1)

Pair-o-Dice Club

El Rancho is widely known as one of the first casinos in Las Vegas. However, the Pair-o-Dice Club located on Highway 91 was the first casino in town. 2)

The first legal casino license was issued in 1920. It was given to Mayme Stocker, a respectable wife, and mother who opened the Northern Club. 3)

Games based on luck

For the most part, the games available in casinos are classics - and slot machines, which you just drop a chip into. What they have in common is that pure luck is the deciding factor in winning. Probability, in turn, is tailored in such a way that this luck mostly favors the casino. 4)

Games based on skill

More and more casinos are featuring games that also count on skill. This is in response to the needs of customers who would like to have more influence on the game's final outcome. 5)

Banning lucky players

Players who get lucky are given a special dislike by casinos - enough to ban them from entering. 6)

Don Johnson

Don Johnson, who has been denied entry to most casinos in Atlantic City. This follows a particularly successful night during which Johnson took out as much as $6 million from one casino (which, incidentally, he added to another nine he had previously collected at two others). 7)

Ben Affleck

Another lucky person subject to the “casino ban” - although in this case, it applies only to the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas - is well-known actor Ben Affleck. This one, however, exposed himself not by spectacular winnings, but by counting cards at blackjack. 8)

Howard Hughes vs neon

Billionaire Howard Hughes decided to purchase the small Silver Slipper casino to move the neon sign advertising it, which shone so brightly that it kept Hughes awake. 9)

Explosion at Harvey's Wagon Wheel Casino

The explosion that occurred at Harvey's Wagon Wheel Casino in Lake Tahoe in 1980 is famous for one peculiar reason. Namely, it is believed that the most elaborate bomb in history was built to trigger it. It contained 28 switches, a float switch, a tilt sensor, screws, rivets, and half a dozen other surprises. 10)

A scam

A Chinese businessman approached Ukraine with a proposal to buy back a defunct aircraft carrier. He cited his desire to convert the ship into a floating casino as the reason. The Ukrainians agreed to the sale, the aircraft carrier went to China after four years, and then it turned out that the story about the casino was made up from the beginning. The Chinese refurbished the romp and thus took possession of the first and only aircraft carrier so far. 11)

Dark side of casinos

Casinos are also a pretty good cover for dark business mainly money laundering or drug trafficking. 12)

American roulette

American roulette has one more field than European roulette - in addition to “zero” there is a “double zero”. The idea is to further reduce the probability of betting on the right number - from a chance of 1 in 37 to 1 in 38. 13)

Own by the treasury

Holland Casino is owned by the local treasury. 14)

"Angel Eye" technology

Many casinos use “Angel Eye” technology. It scans all cards dealt by the dealer at any given time and notes to which player they went. When a card appears in a player's hand that does not match the one dealt by the dealer, the system automatically notifies security, and the greedy amateur cheater faces unpleasantness. 15)

2% greater chance of winning

Even with a mathematically perfect blackjack strategy, the casino still has a 2% greater chance of winning than the player. 16)

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