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Airheads White Mystery

Airheads are American taffy-like candies that come in bright colors and various flavors (watermelon, apple, cherry, etc.). The most exciting flavor of those sweet and sticky candies is the one called White Mystery. First of all, it doesn't have a food dye added so it is colorless (the other flavors are colored with food dye additions). Secondly, the flavor comes from…the leftovers! Everything that wasn't used is mixed together and makes Airheads White Mystery Flavor! 1)

Tootsie Rolls

New Yorker Leo Hirshfield is the creator of Tootsie Rolls. The candy was first introduced in 1896 and called Tootsie after the nickname of Leo's daughter. 2)

Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans

Ronald Reagan developed a love for jelly beans after he started eating them to get rid of his smoking habit. During his presidential inauguration in 1981, Jelly Belly delivered and served over three tons of jelly beans. 3)


Gum is a hydrophobic material, meaning it doesn't dissolve in water. 4)

Insect candies

Hotlix has been making unique candies with insects inside for over 25 years. There are lollipops with scorpions and ants, crickets, bugs in chocolate, and waffles with bugs. You can also try crickets flavored with cream and onions. 5).

Violet candy

Violet candy is a rare but popular sweet treat produced and sold by La Violeta in Spain. Unlike regular candies in the color and shape of violets, La Violeta uses real flowers to make their sweets. 6)

KitKat for baking

Nestle makes over 200 different flavors of KitKat bars. Chocolates that taste like green tea, brandy, apricot, melon, pumpkin, French salt, beans, soy, sakura, fried corn, and even sake are just some of the many offerings from Nestle. One of the most interesting varieties is KitKat Bake, which you must bake before eating. 7)

Oreo flavors

In addition to the classic, world-famous Oreo cookies, their manufacturer also makes cookies with flavors like ice cream, pumpkin and cinnamon, peppermint, strawberry, coconut, peanut butter, and jam. Customers can also try limited-edition cookies with beer and cheeseburger-flavored fillings. 8)

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

American company Vosges Haut-Chocolat makes amazing chocolates and truffle sweets with pieces of real bacon, mushrooms, smoked salt, chopped ginger, and wasabi, rose petals, exotic spices, and other unusual additions. 9)

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