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Cabbage Family


Rapeseed, as well as white cabbage, red cabbage, and kohlrabi, belong to the cabbage family, order Brassica. 1)

Sauerkraut festival

In the USA, a sauerkraut festival is held every year. 2)

Heaviest cabbage

The heaviest cabbage in the world weighed 124lbs. It was grown by Bernard Lavery from Wales. 3)

The cabbage myth

It has been suggested that the Lord's Prayer has 66 words, Gettysburg Address has 286 words, and the European Union cabbage regulation 26,911 words. 4)

World record for eating cabbage

The world record for eating cabbage belongs to Charles Hardy. He ate just over six and a half pounds of boiled cabbage in nine minutes. 5)

Treating afflictions

Ancient Roman physicians treated many afflictions with cabbage convinced of its universal health properties. 6)


What plant species count as vegetable cabbage? The most well-known are: cauliflower, head cabbage, vegetable Brussels sprouts, forage cabbage, Italian cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, and kale. 7)

Dislike of cabbage

Why do some people dislike cabbage or broccoli? These plants contain compounds that may be perceived by some people as bitter or tasteless. 8)

Fights obesity

Cabbage contains a lot of fiber, which helps fight obesity. 9)

Ornamental plants

Some varieties of vegetable cabbage are grown as ornamental plants, such as flowering cabbage, which is not edible. 10)

6,000 years ago

Cabbage is believed to have been cultivated in China more than 6,000 years ago. 11)


Cabbage stored in optimal conditions (low temperature and humidity) can survive up to 6 months. 12)

Red cabbage

Red cabbage has 2 times more vitamin C than green cabbage. 13)

Health benefits

Drinking juice squeezed from raw cabbage helps with migraines. 14)

Preventing scurvy

Sailors invented sauerkraut. They consumed it to prevent scurvy. 15)

UV protection

Antioxidants found in cabbage protect the skin from UV radiation. 16)

Anceint cure for baldness

In ancient China, cabbage was believed to cure baldness. 17)

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