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Cabbage Family


Rapeseed, as well as white cabbage, red cabbage, and kohlrabi, belong to the cabbage family, order Brassica. 1)

Sauerkraut festival

In the USA, a sauerkraut festival is held every year. 2)

Heaviest cabbage

The heaviest cabbage in the world weighed 124lbs. It was grown by Bernard Lavery from Wales. 3)

The cabbage myth

It has been suggested that the Lord's Prayer has 66 words, Gettysburg Address has 286 words, and the European Union cabbage regulation 26,911 words. 4)

World record for eating cabbage

The world record for eating cabbage belongs to Charles Hardy. He ate just over six and a half pounds of boiled cabbage in nine minutes. 5)

Treating afflictions

Ancient Roman physicians treated many afflictions with cabbage convinced of its universal health properties. 6)

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