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Many species migrate

There are many butterflies besides the Monarch that migrate. The Cloudless Sulphur, Question Mark, Clouded Skipper, Mourning Cloak, and the Painted Lady all migrate as well. Monarchs, however, migrate the longest distances. 1)

Butterflies on frescoes

There are depictions of butterflies that can be seen at Thebes. Those Egyptian frescoes are 3,500 years old! 2)

Division of butterflies

There are several divisions of butterflies. The most popular are those that divide butterflies by appearance. Another well-known division is also the one on the time of flight. This second division divides butterflies into diurnal butterflies and moths. It is important to note that these man-made divisions have been distinguished artificially, have blurred boundaries, and overlap. 3)

The second most abundant insect group

Butterflies are the second most abundant insect group (the first being beetles). 4)

No butterflies in Antarctica

Butterflies are insects that are found on almost every continent. The only exception is Antarctica. 5)

Mouth apparatus

The mouth apparatus of butterflies is a sucking type. The vast majority of butterfly species feed on nectar, making this type of mouth apparatus possible. Some of the more primitive butterfly families still have remnants of the biting apparatus. 6)

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