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Bruce Lee


In San Francisco, Bruce Lee was born. In reality, his ancestors were German and Chinese. His father was of Chinese ancestry, while his mother was of German-Chinese origin.1)


Bruce Lee is without a doubt one of the most physically fit people who has ever lived.2)

Cha-cha Dancer

Bruce Lee was a talented Cha-Cha dancer. In 1958, he won the Hong Kong Cha-Cha Championship.3)

Not Flawless

The astounding reality is that, contrary to popular belief, Bruce Lee was not genetically flawless. Bruce Lee wore contact lenses and failed his medical exam in 1963, being pronounced physically unfit by the United States Army Draft Board.4)

Impressive Jump

Bruce Lee was able to jump 8 feet from a complete stop. Lee could also smash 6 inch (15 cm) thick wooden planks.5)

Seizing A Dime

It's incredible that Bruce Lee could seize a dime from someone's open hand before they could shut it and leave a penny behind.6)

Reaction Time

Bruce Lee's reaction time and striking power were measured in five-hundredths of a second from a distance of three feet (0.05 second).7)

11 Second Fight

In a bout that lasted only 11 seconds, Bruce Lee delivered 15 punches, a kick, and knocked out his opponent.8)

Famous Child

Bruce Lee was one of Hong Kong's most famous child performers, having appeared in 20 films before the age of 18.9)

Golden Gate Girl

Bruce Lee's first significant film (Golden Gate Girl) was shot in the United States but was not released until 5 years after it was released in China.10)

The Green Hornet

Early Lee footage in The Green Hornet had to be re-shot because when it was later played back, Lee's moves were so quick that all of his opponents fell down and, surprisingly, Lee never moved at all.11)

Fast Kicks

Bruce Lee's kicks were so quick that they had to re-film one sequence in entering the Dragon in slow motion (34 frames) so it didn't seem fake.12)

Punch Holes In Cans

Bruce Lee could punch holes in Coke cans with his finger that were made of solid steel.13)

Impressive Push-ups

Bruce Lee could do push-ups with only his thumb and index fingers.14)

Grain Of Rice

The remarkable reality is that Bruce Lee could capture a grain of rice in mid-air with his chopsticks.15)

Broke An Arm

When a guy fell into Bruce Lee, he kicked him so hard that he broke a bystander's arm.16)

50 Push-ups

Bruce Lee was believed to be able to complete 50 repetitions of one-arm chin-ups and push-ups with up to 125 lb of weight on his back. He weighed around 130 pounds.17)

Private Lessons

His hourly pricing for private Kung Fu training skyrocketed to as much as $275 per hour due to tremendous demand.18)

Great Gama

Bruce Lee admired The Great Gama, the world's only unbeaten wrestler. Great Gama has a 50-year career.19)

Final Completed Film

Bruce Lee's final completed film before his death was 'Enter the Dragon'. It was a Warner Brothers martial arts film from 1973.20)

Enter The Dragon

In 1973, Bruce's last film, “Enter the Dragon” was filmed on a low $ 600,000 budget. The incredible reality is that it has grossed over $300 million to far.21)

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants' Seagull problem was solved by a Red-Tailed Hawk called “Bruce Lee”.22)

Yip Man

Yip Man, who trained Bruce Lee, established his own martial arts school in order to finance opium.23)

Monument In Mostar

A monument of Bruce Lee was erected in Mostar, Bosnia, since he was popular among people of different nationalities. Later, the statue was vandalized and demolished.24)

Muhammad Ali

Bruce Lee was a huge Muhammad Ali admirer who used to obsessively watch his fights on film.25)

Death By Allergy

Bruce Lee died as a result of an allergic reaction to a pain reliever.26)

Game Of Death

Bruce Lee's final film (Game of Death) includes footage of his real burial, including close-ups of Lee in his coffin.27)

Chuck Norris

When asked who would win a battle to the death, Chuck Norris once responded, “Of course, nobody can defeat Bruce”.28)

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan began his career as a stuntman in Bruce Lee films such as Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon.29)


Bruceploitation was a cultural movement in which various Bruce Lee impersonators featured in low-budget knock-off films to capitalize on the public's infatuation with Lee following his death.30)

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