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British Royal Family

Nazi symphatizer

Queen Elizabeth II's uncle Edward VIII maintained a close relationship with Adolf Hitler. A childhood photo of 6-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edward giving the Nazi salute has become famous around the world. Buckingham Palace commented on the photo claiming that little Elizabeth did not know what such a gesture meant. 1)

Edward VIII abdicates

Edward VIII abdicated because of his love for American actress Wallis Simpson. They married shortly thereafter, and the British throne passed on to the father of Queen Elizabeth II. 2)

The lost prince

When Prince John Charles Francis was 4 years old he had his first seizure and doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy. Concerned that John's condition could be a stain on the royal reputation, his parents decided that his seizures could not be made public. They moved him to Wood Farm, near the royal residence of Sandringham, and gave him 24-hour service. John only saw his parents for dinner on Christmas Day, when he was allowed to eat with his family at Sandringham and was taken back to Wood Farm immediately afterward. 3)

Relationship with a murder suspect

In 2006, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, was involved with a man convicted of murder at the age of 17. Paolo Liuzzo was convicted of murder but only spent about a year in prison before being paroled. The classification of the act was also changed to assault. 4)

Party Princess

Princess Margaret, sister of Elizabeth II, was known in her youth as the “Party Princess”, who hung out with famous musicians, experimented with drugs, and liked to look elegant. 5)

An affair

Princess Margaret's affair with gardener Roddy Llewellyn ended in the royal family's first divorce in nearly 500 years. 6)

An addict

The handsome George, Duke of Kent was the brother of Edward III and a bisexual and man addicted to cocaine and morphine. 7)

Mysterious accident

In 1942, Prince George, Duke of Kent boarded a plane in Scotland with 15 friends. They were going to Iceland. Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed, and of all the people on board, only Sergeant Andrew Jack survived. He was required to sign the Official Secret Act, which required him to keep secret what happened on board the plane. and a man addicted to cocaine and morphine. 8)

Blood purity

To ensure the purity of royal blood, intermarriages with family members were introduced to ensure that nothing would disturb the royal family tree. And so it seemed until 2012 when the remains of King Richard III were found under a supermarket parking lot in Leicester. To make sure it was indeed the king's remains mitochondrial DNA testing was done and it matched 2 female descendants currently living. However, the surprise was the lack of a Y chromosome match which means that a child appeared in the royal line whose father did not have royal blood. It was probably the fruit of an affair. 9)

Hash Harry

Prince Harry even earned himself the nickname “Hash Harry” and a reputation as a marijuana lover when he was a student at Eton. The then 16-year-old prince admitted to his father that he and his friends used to hang out and smoke a lot of “pot,” as well as drink alcohol and party at older friends' houses. 10)

Prince Charles, heir to the British throne is the 16th generation great-grandson of Vlad III, the 15th-century Wallachian ruler known as “The Impaler.” Vlad was the inspiration for Bram Stoker in creating the character of Dracula. Dracula's line is linked to royalty through Princess Mary of Teck, a descendant of one of Vlad's two sons, who married King George V and is the grandmother of Elizabeth II. 11)

Applied to St Andrew's

Kate Middleton was accepted at Edinburgh University but declined the offer, waited a year, and applied to St Andrew's to be there at the same time as William. 12)

Friends with dubious reputation

Prince Andrew was friends with convicted drug smuggler Tarek Kaituni, whom he accompanied on lavish trips and from whom he accepted gifts. 13)

Robert Dudley

In 1558, Queen Elizabeth I reportedly had an affair with a man named Robert Dudley. The problem was that Mr. Dudley was married to a woman named Amy Robsart. The lover couple's trouble dissolved when Robsart's cold body was found at the bottom of a stairwell with a broken neck. 14)

Princes in the tower

Historians say they have proof that Richard III sent 12-year-old Edward V and his brother, 9-year-old Richard, Duke of York, to the Tower of London. The boys were stripped of their right to the throne, causing Richard III to take their place. 15)

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