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Chinese breakfast

A Chinese breakfast may include congee, or rice porridge, or dim sum dumplings. The breakfast may also consist of a piece of fried sponge cake and rice with vegetable broth. However, many people eat their meals in a hurry from the street vendors. 1)

Iranian breakfast

Breakfast in Iran consists of bread with butter, feta and sometimes fruit and nuts. It also includes sweet black tea. 2)

Japanese breakfast

In Japan, the main ingredient of most dishes is either rice or fish, which also appear during breakfast. In addition to these, the Japanese eat miso soup, fermented beans and a side of seaweed during their first meal. 3)

Italian breakfast

Italians eat a modest but sweet breakfast. Bread, a croissant with jam and coffee with milk commonly make up the morning meal. 4)

Turkish breakfast

Turkish breakfast is quite rich, as it includes cheeses (feta, curd, or others), olives, honey or jam, as well as bread and omelets. 5)

English breakfast

A full English breakfast consists of sausage, omelet, bacon, grilled cherry tomatoes and of course, tea. You couldn't miss baked beans either. 6)

Moroccan breakfast

Breakfast in Morocco is very rich. It can consist of fruit served solo or with yogurt, b’ssara (a filling bean soup), a square crepe-like bread called msmen which may be served with sides of honey, butter, and soft cheese for dipping and more. 7)

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