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Bog Snorkeling

World Bog Snorkeling Championships

More than a hundred swimmers from across the globe assemble in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells every August to compete in the annual World Bog Snorkeling Championships. All participants must wear flippers and snorkels, and two stretches of the 60-yard trench must be completed without using any conventional swimming strokes! 1)


Bog snorkeling competitions were first held in 1976 near Llanwrtyd Wells in mid-Wales. It was in this small town that the idea of organizing the event was born. Ten years later the first world championship in this discipline took place. 2)

Mountain bike bog snorkeling

Bog snorkeling has also lived to see its equally unusual variations. One of them is mountain bike bog snorkeling, which involves racing across a bog on specially adapted mountain bikes. 3)

Bog Triathlon

Another variation of bog snorkeling is the Bog Snorkeling Triathlon, in which competitors first run over a long distance, then swim two lengths in the bog and finish with a mountain bike race. The triathlon is open to individual competitors and relay teams. 4)

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