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Body Integrity Dysphoria

Kind of masochism

Body Integrity Dysphoria is a kind of masochism, consisting of an obsessive desire to amputate one's own limb. The disorder is associated with apotemnophilia is acrotomophilia, which is an erotic preference directed at people with amputated limbs. 1)

Effectiveness of treatment

There is limited research on the effectiveness of treatment for BDD. Of the psychotherapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been recommended, preferably incorporating the exposure with response prevention (ERP) technique. Efficacy has been tested in randomized trials (without placebo, although some have had comparison groups with active treatment). The first CBT programs are also being developed, which can be done online (with the help of a psychotherapist). 2)

Hypochondriacal disorder

In the ICD-10 classification, dysmorphophobia belongs to hypochondriacal disorders. In DSM-5, along with obsessive-compulsive disorder, pathological hoarding, trichotillomania, among others, it was separated into a new group of obsessive-compulsive and similar disorders. 3)

Greek origin

The term is of Greek origin. The word dysmorphia in Greek meant ugliness, especially of the face. 4)

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