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Board Games

Capablanca chess

Capablanca chess is a variation of the game of chess, played on an 80-field or 100-field chessboard. 1)

Vera Menchik

Vera Menchik was an English chess player of Czech descent who served as the first women's chess world champion. 2)


In the early 1930s, struggling and unemployed Alfred Butts decided to create a new board game called Scrabble. However, it turned out that game manufacturers were not interested in the idea, and a determined Butts eventually sold the rights to entrepreneur and lawyer James Brunot. Today, about 2 million sets of this game are sold annually in America alone. 3)

Nine Men’s Morris

Nine Men’s Morris is a board game designed for two people. Nine Men’s Morris is one of the oldest games still known today. Its origin is still unexplored. The first traces of miniature boards were found in Bronze Age graves (about 3400-700 BC), and they probably played a magical role and served as amulets. The game itself has been known in most parts of the globe since time immemorial. The peak period of the game's popularity was during the Middle Ages when it was often played on a board cut out of peat. 4)


Games of the mancala family have been known in Africa since the Neolithic times, so they are considered to be typically African games. Throughout history, every African tribe has had contact with this game. The board consists of 12 houses (holes) arranged in 6 columns and 2 rows. Often, on the shorter sides of the board, there are larger holes that are not used during the game. They are only used to store the stones. 5)

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